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Soulstice Celbration

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Cacao Ceremony


Shamanic Breathwork


December 21


All Levels Yoga 5:30-6:30pm



Cacao & Shamanic Breathwork

7-9pm $40


Both $50

Take a break from the rush of the holidays and celebrate the darkest day of the year as we transition into Winter.  The adventure will begin with an all levels yoga flow.  Next we will sip on some warm Cacao and segue into a guided shamanic breathwork practice. Cacao, a sacred plant medicine found in the Amazon, is a true gift from the Earth. Also known as "the food of the Gods,"  Cacao has long been considered a luxurious delicacy and is renowned as a potent heart opener as drinking it can induce feelings of emotional intimacy and pleasure. Together we will honor the Cacao spirit with prayer, and humbly ask for our intentions to be heard during this transitional time. Shamanic Breathwork is a dynamic practice that can help create more space, heighten mental clarity, expand in liberation and aid in releasing blockages that that limit one's potential. Brooke will teach a very specific way to breathe that will lead to an abundance of oxygen flooding the system which helps facilitate participants' ability to move beyond ego and foster greater connection to one's higher self. Beautiful music, shamanic drumming and other tools may be utilized to help support participants on this journey. The activation of the Cacao within the body and heart in conjunction with the breathe will allow for a truly transformative and ecstatic process to unfold. You can come for yoga, cacao and breathwork or both! 













**Please bring your own yoga mat, a mug to enjoy the Cacao from as well as anything that will make you comfortable in the breathe -  eye mask, pillow and/or blanket (some blankets and bolsters will be available for use).

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to 

Pre-registration required.  


4418-E Monroe Road

Charlotte, NC 28205

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