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Sacred Offerings

Somatic Psychedelic
Integration Session


Have you had a plant medicine or other psychedelic ceremony a week ago or even

a year ago that you are having difficulties integrating? It is often stated that the 

real work begins when we go back into our daily life and work hard to embody the

lessons, the healings and the gifts of illumination we received while on a journey. Psychedelics are not magic tricks, (though I would indeed say they are quite magical!) rather they are wonderful tools for helping us to further understand ourselves, our ancestors, our connection to all that is and gain clarity on how to live more fully empowered and in love. Processing a psychedelic journey can feel lonesome and sometimes we need help assimilating what was seen, remembered and understood during this brave endeavor. Often, after such an experience, one feels radically different and even a little lost in the transformation. In our daily lives we spend so much time in our head space and a somatic session can be extremely supportive in getting out of the head and into the body. This process helps one to more deeply integrate the new acquired insights and wisdom from the experience into daily life and assists in preserving the spiritual connection felt in the journey space without needed the actual psychedelic. It would be a great privilege to facilitate a trauma informed, somatic psychedelic integration session for you, courageous spirit warrior!

Are you ready for a somatic session?
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Ritual and

As each of us travel on our own sacred paths, we experience many

changes, shed many skins, and are continuously evolving our sense of

who we are, why we are here and where we wish to be headed on our

journey. Ritual adds deeper meaning and creative power to the experience

of living. When we embrace growth in a conscious way through ceremony

or ritual, it symbolizes the important transitions on our journey, honoring

our own unique path while simultaneously connecting to the collective

consciousness of all spirits that have traveled in human form. From this deep and profound place of interconnectedness, we can find strength, courage, reverence and community. It would be a true gift to support , witness and anchor in the energy of a particular transition for you. Each ceremony will be a co-creation of your vision and a unique unfolding of intuitive guidance. Ceremonies can be personal for the individual or crafted for a group to witness and/or participate in. I am both an ordained minister and a certified death doula. I will tailor your ceremony to YOU! It can be a couple of hours, a whole day or even an overnight personal retreat!


Personal Ceremony 

Honoring where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going

Weddings/Commitment Ceremony/Vow Renewal 

 Interfaith, non-denominational, and same gender

Divorce/Break Up Ritual 

Every ending is a new beginning. Still have your wedding dress? Let's

get it messy! Perhaps you would like to make new vows - to yourself. 

This ceremony is about cleansing and beginning again.


Mother's Blessing

Focused on the soon to be mother, nurturing her

and surrounding her with the support of women

Baby Blessing 

Opening the way to walk this earth journey supported by the

elements of nature, community, and spiritual family 

Cleansing/Blessing Space Ritual

Recently moved into a new home or office? A cleansing ritual entails

using sacred plants, smoke and prayers to cleanse and release old,

negative energies, then call in fresh, positive and healing ones

Commitment to Spirit

Answering the call to walk a path of sacredness and selfless purpose

Commitment to a greater good. Trust in the wisdom of the Divine

Symbolic Death

A shedding or letting go of an aspect of the self, ancestral

pattern, or life phase. Death rite ceremony

Preparing for Death

support at the end of life for the soul transitioning and/or family members.

Despacho Ceremony

This ancient sacred ritual comes from the Quechua wisdom keepers in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

A Despacho is a living prayer focused on "anyi" or sacred reciprocity, where all individuals participate

                                                                                in the blessings and offerings to Mother Earth in order to bring forth more balance, harmony                                                                                  and alignment. It is crafted with loving intention, often using beautiful flowers, stones, food                                                                                      and more. A Despacho can be created for celebrations or transitions of any kind and will o                                                                                        often be woven into any of the above ceremonies. Traditionally, once completed, the                                                                                                  Despacho is buried or burned.

Ritual Ceremony

Are you ready for a sacred ceremony? 

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