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Plant Medicine

Birthed by Mother Earth

Plants have been our allies and protectors, our food and medicine for as long as there has been life on Earth. The physical and spiritual presence of plants is deeply interconnected with our existence throughout our lives. It is time to acknowledge and reawaken, to tap into and deepen our awareness, our connection, and knowingness that we are part of something bigger than the human species. Plants, like the myriad varieties of people on Earth, have special qualities and abilities. Each of us resonates most harmoniously with specific plants and plant medicines. These plants can be our companions, our spiritual guides and helpers. Our "plantcestors" nurture our physical and emotional bodies and assist us in our Earthly and cosmic journeys. I am continuously amazed at the magnitude of plant intelligence and when we allow ourselves to open up to the greater understanding of the blessings of the plants we can heal our human ailments, become more conscious, learn how to better serve, embody more joy, step more fully into our power and deepen the love in our relationships.




                                                                           Entheogens are becoming more widely used and accepted as holistic tools for healing.                                                                                               Indigenous people used psychoactive plants in a ritualized context for thousands of years and                                                                                 many historians and ethnobotanists hold the belief that entheogens played a part in the                                                                                           development of world religions. Psychedelic properties in certain plants can take the seeker on                                                                             an inner journeys of self-reflection and profound consciousness expansion that can lead to                                                                                     deep transformation. Many people are turning to these medicines as a way of getting to the root causes of ailments and are having amazing results. It’s astounding to realize that when utilized in a sacred way, with intention and care, these plants often prove to be safer and more effective than the conventional treatments and prescription medications that modern science offers.  Although these plant medicines have the potential to precipitate

exceptional growth and healing, it is important to understand that they are not a magic 

wand and are not a modality suitable for all. These medicines, like any treatment, should

be given careful consideration. The foundational keys to healing with these gifts from the

Earth are proper preparation, ideal journey setting and adequate levels of integration. 

While the journey itself can be a truly Divine experience of remembering, healing and 

understanding, integrating the experience is what must be emphasized for deep and

lasting transformation. It is vitally important  to give focus to the emotional processing

of the insights and wisdom received while in the expanded state of consciousness. 










I have been working with psychedelics for 30 years, and specifically with plants in a medicinal way for the last ten. Besides my own personal experience, I have been trained in trauma informed plant medicine facilitation. I am also trained as a somatic psychedelic integration practitioner. I have received immeasurable amounts of love and healing from these sacred gifts and I would be honored to help you on your own journey. If you are interested in working with plants, first we will set up an initial call to make sure we, you, me and the plant, are all in alignment with one another. Once it is a resounding YES! for us all, we will discuss intentions as well as preparations. As your facilitator, I will create an environment that will allow you to go deep into the journey space, ensuring your physical and emotional safety. I will be a supportive presence, allowing you to go through your process, and will I be there to assist during the ceremony as much or as little as needed. I will be your safety net. Some time after the journey, I will offer integration support via compassionate dialogue and/or somatic practice. I am happy to guide individuals and groups alike.

Please keep in mind, I do not provide the medicine.

How I Can Help


Remembering Retreat

Hot Springs, NC Aug 2020


My first trip tp Peru with the beautiful curanderas,

Rosa and Maria, October 2014

"Brooke has been instrumental to my spiritual healing and growth. I reached out to her because I was losing my battle against depression. Since I  began working with her and the plants, I have received so many gifts - compassion and empathy for the pain that I was feeling; wisdom and guidance as I changed my approach to healing; a sympathetic ear during challenging experiences; and, above all, a generous and loving heart. Most importantly, she recognizes my agency in the healing process, but ensures that I have a safe and supportive environment for my practice. Our work together has given me a fresh perspective. I am no longer trapped under my grief - instead, I appreciate the gift of life. I have rediscovered happiness. Healing is not instantaneous - we have to commit ourselves to it every day - but what a blessing it is to find someone who offers access, support, and safety."

~Alyson S, Charlotte, NC

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