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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Rooting Down to Rrise Up

Sacred Healing Paths Yoga School


Whether you want to pursue a career in yoga or want to dive deeper into the practice of yoga as a student and practitioner, Sacred Healing Paths 200-hour yoga teacher training program, led by Brooke Carlson, ERYT 500, will support your needs. In this training you will be guided and held so that you can find your own voice, teach what authentically speaks to you and represents your personal path. Brooke holds an advanced shamanic yoga teacher certification and loves weaving in Earth based practices throughout. SHP training will not only prepare you to teach yoga, but will also help foster your becoming a lifelong student on the healing path of yoga.


In this comprehensive program you will start teaching the first weekend. We center the program on practicums where you will practice your teaching often as well as give and receive feedback. Students will go beyond the studies of the postures into the realms of yoga history, philosophy, pranayama, meditation and chanting. Physical anatomy as related to asanas will be studied along with more subtle energetic bodies (chakras). Students will also contemplate and learn about yoga ethics, lifestyles, and the business of being a yogi, including the growing popularity of virtual yoga. Guest teachers, including Marcy Goldstein, PHD and Sanskrit scholar, will be invited in during the program to share their own expertise with the class. To maintain integrity in the training we keep the class small and intimate, which ensures each student will receive plenty of personal attention. Each class inevitably becomes a family of support, encouraging one another to become the best versions of Self, lifting each other up through the challenges and inspiring all to shine!













Sacred Healing Paths is a Registered 200-Hour Yoga School by Yoga Alliance.

This school provides a 200-hour training program that meets or exceeds Yoga Alliance Standards and will adequately prepare trainees to teach to the general adult population. Students who complete this training will be eligible to register as RYT 200 hour level. Brooke Carlson, ERYT 500, has been leading 200 hr. yoga teacher trainings program since January 2016.



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Are  you ready to embark on this journey of self discovery; releasing old mental and physical patterns that hold you back, explore the full spectrum of what yoga has to offer and learn how to share the practices with others? If so, join us and dive in – you will be offered an extraordinary amount of practical and inspiring information that will serve well beyond the life of the program. Above all the training will be fun, dynamic, and enlightening! If you are reading this it is likely that you have already found great healing in the practice of yoga and are feeling the call to be a guide to help others on their own yoga journey. The time is now. The world is drastically shifting and we can get swept away in the wild currents or rise up and become empowered agents of change for the good of all!


 YTT Graduating Class, Dec 2017

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self discovery? 

"Yoga school an awesome, transformational experience. Brooke is an intuitive instructor who built a compassionate community of yogis. Our YTT started two months before COVID-19 and quickly transitioned from in person to online. Brooke led our class with grace and kindness. My fellow classmates will be friends for life. I am grateful for the experience. Thank you Brooke Carlson! Namaste."

~Christina Barrs, May 2020 Graduate

"Yoga teacher training with Brooke not only taught me the foundations of how to be a more conscientious yoga teacher, but it took me on a journey to find my most authentic self and taught me how to honor that." 

~Lindsey Stephens, December 2017 Graduate

"Amazing program, loved it. Great variety of expert teachers. Lots of teaching practice. Highly recommend it to anyone with an interest and passion in yoga." 

~Keith Ambrose, May 2019 Graduate 


"This was a comprehensive and beautiful training. Trainees started practice teaching from day one of YTT and we all had to teach a 60 minute, all levels vinyasa class in order to graduate. So good! I feel so prepared to teach, even though a 200-hr training is merely scratching the surface of yoga education, teaching yoga and deepening a personal yoga practice. Aho! Brooke Carlson holds space for her students in such a deeply special, personal way. She is such an amazing teacher, leader and guide."

~Kylie Hall May 2018 Graduate 


"Brooke Carlson is a fantastic teacher and the program ended up teaching me not only what I needed to know about yoga but more about myself." 

~Kelsey Heller December 2018 Graduate


"The training was absolutely an amazing, life changing experience. The program carefully and professionally screens applicants with an application that requires you to write why you want to do the certification and what yoga means to you, along with the other general questions. The result was an incredible group of hard working and inspiring yogis, who were there for all the right reasons. The lead trainer, Brooke Carlson was absolutely one of the most approachable and sincerest folks I have ever met. Every lesson was well placed and the structure of the training provided a solid program with the flexibility needed for folks trying to fit in a day job or personal commitments. It was a demanding six months, but completely attainable. The studio is warm and inviting and the other teachers were both welcoming and encouraging. I am beyond happy with the entire experience, the studio, the quality of character of my fellow yogis and the expertise of the lead trainers, the speakers and the training that will be the foundation for the beginning of my teaching journey." 

~Jenny Holman May 2018 Graduate 


"I loved this program and especially loved Brooke as the instructor. She took the time to cover all the necessary curriculum to ensure we were ready to become teachers. Overall, organized structure and valuable information. The experience was hard, emotional, but so completely worth it! I'm so excited to share my learnings with others as a teacher and continue to learn as a student."

 ~Jordan Rue, December 2019 Graduate 


"Teacher training was life changing for me. Brooke Carlson is a very knowledgeable and empathetic yoga teacher. Okra creates a wonderful nurturing community for students to grow into competent teachers who already have some teaching experience due to the curriculum setup. The curriculum was balanced and honored the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga more than any other studio I looked into in Charlotte. I would highly recommend this training to those who want to be teachers or experience profound personal growth." 

~Kaitlyn Stack May 2018 Graduate 

"Brooke created a community of safety, learning and growing. I highly recommend her program for the amazing experience which had such a profound impact on our group!" ~Vanessa Pinello, December 2019 Graduate


"This YTT program is of the highest quality. The trainers were incredibly knowledgeable themselves and also brought in various experts to instruct components on Sanskrit, meditation, Universal Yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Jivamukti, and more. The focus on teaching teachers how to teach was an aspect that prepared me to feel confident on my first day of teaching. The education was not only well rounded covering many types of yoga but also in-depth looking into the spiritual aspects of yoga. I was challenged as a human being as well as a yogi. I have made lasting friendships and will forever remember this incredible life changing training.

Thank You!!"

 ~Nalicia Allio May 2016 Graduate 


"Yoga This course deeply affected me as it was very much a spiritual journey with growth occurring in my inner guidance systems and becoming closer to my higher self.  My understanding of speaking my truth was expanded.  I am more in touch with myself, particularly instances when my thoughts, words, and actions are in disagreement.   My favorite course sections were the Niyamas, Sanskrit, sequencing, and a very thorough dive into the chakras.  The class requires commitment and discipline to stay current on reading and assignments.  Weekend classes allowed me to work full time while still being able to complete the certification.  Brooke's graduation ceremony is intimate and well planned, everyone was so open and there were many tears. I really look forward to seeing Brooke grow further as a spiritual mother."

~Tim VanBlon  June 2022 Graduate


Partial scholarship opportunity now available for SHP 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. One partial (50%) scholarship is currently available to support historically marginalized populations including

BIOPC, LQBTQ and Veterans. 

Email for more information.  

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