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Movement is Medicine

Yoga teaches us how to be present in the moment. We spend (dare I say waste) so much time in our heads, regretting the past or anxious about the future. The breath and the body are always in the present moment and is is here where the true magic lies. Our bodies are a real gift, yes, they are such incredible teachers and our yoga mats are legitimate mirrors to help us understand and love ourselves more fully and awaken to our true potential from within. I wholeheartedly believe that yoga is for every body. Whether you are looking to de-stress, strengthen your body, increase flexibility, enhance concentration, release negative energy, improve your sleep, feel more emotionally balanced, foster a deeper sense of connection to everything in the Universe or all of the above -because let's be honest, yoga can bring forth all of those things and more, it would be my honor to assist you with your own journey of healing and self discovery through the practice of yoga. 



Yoga Offerings

In Person or Virtual through Zoom:

One-on-one Yoga Instruction

Group Yoga Instruction

Family Yoga 

Pre-natal Yoga

Corporate Yoga

Bachelorette/Wedding/Birthday Party Yoga

Yoga Nidra/Guided Meditation

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

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Family Yoga Class for Mother's Day

Beginner's Yoga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Shamanic Yoga, Inspired Universal Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pre-natal Yoga, Restorative Yoga


Our bodies, our temples, have many stories to tell and a yoga practice can help us unearth the origin of those stories in order to create more space, awareness, reconciliation and greater harmony. Emotions and memories get stored as unprocessed energy in our organs, muscles, and tissues. When not addressed, they build up and escalate, draining our energy, leading to exhaustion, emotional imbalance, and eventually disease. Movement is medicine, as it helps us get more in touch with our emotions as well as transmute and release the toxicity already alive within us so that we can be more free to live a life that is long, liberated and in love.

Interested in Yoga? Let's Connect!

Sacred Healing Paths

 200 Hour Yoga Alliance

Approved Teacher Training


YTT graduating class May 2016

Next Session Begins

January 2023

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