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Holistic and Heart Centered

Seeking is an integral part of who we are. Whether we realize it or not, we are on a quest, and we are not meant to do this journey alone.  We are multi-dimensional beings and as a holistic mentor, my intention is to create a safe container and compassionately help clients tap in to their own inner wisdom through addressing all aspects of self; body, emotion, mind and spirit. Our parts are all intricately woven together and directly influence and affect each other. This life is not linear and we often get stuck in confusion, stress and false identities that are not in tune with our highest embodiment. It would truly be my honor to help you navigate this sacred path to finding and embracing your own unique gifts and raise the frequency of your being. As you begin to harness your own power and sovereignty, you will become more well equipped to create an aligned, balanced and fulfilling life, flowing in harmony with the Universe. You have the magic inside, I just help you find it!

Coaching Topics
Sex, Intimacy and Relationship
Plant Journey Integration
Transforming Core Beliefs
and Wounds that Hold you Back
Shadow Work
Inner Child Healing
Guided Embodiment 
Increasing Confidence, Self Esteem and Overall Happiness
Aligning with your Soul's Purpose
Navigating Life Challenges with Heart and Grace
Moving through Grief
Womb Healing
Living with Intention
Deepening Self Love

Coaching is traditionally an ongoing equal partnership that takes commitment in order to create deep transformation with long lasting results. All coaching calls are done over the phone. Together we can co-create a plan that is best for you, dependent upon on your circumstances and needs. Ready to see if we are a good fit for each other? Let's Chat!

"I am in gratitude towards the medicine path. It was an honor to work with Brooke as a guide recently in my healing journey. Through her careful consideration and guidance I was able to access some pain points and be vulnerable and allow healing into my sphere of being. Brooke guided me to look at the origin of some wounds within my heart space. She used cacao, rose essence, and song as her tools as well as interpersonal communication. I felt very safe and comfortable with Brooke as a guide. She is a wonderful teacher and shares from her heart, her song and work. Brooke led me on a journey with my guides to go deep into a place of chrysalis and to wake up with my wings spread out again after our session. I shed and allowed feelings and memories which have enabled me to find strength in my journey forward. I am grateful to her for this sacred work she offers."

~Eko Aurora

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