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Soul Sessions

Imbued  with  Ancient  Traditions




A dear teacher of mine, Dolly, once said, "We don't need to fix what is broken, we only need to bless what is broken."  This resonated with me quite deeply, as we are all a little broken. When we are able to bless these parts of ourselves, great healing can occur as we surrender to what is and allow our essence of  pure love and holy light to come forth, leading us back into balance and alignment with the natural world.

Soul sessions are Divinely guided through heart space and higher self connection, and can be used for physical, emotional, mental and/or energetic challenges, injuries or blockages, keeping in mind they are all directly connected. Soul sessions are intended to foster personal transformation from within in order to deeply acknowledge and bring forth one's own gifts and medicines to the world. Inner healing is the true catalyst for greater authenticity and living with meaning and purpose in a more profound way.


Any number of modalities may be woven throughout a Soul Session; compassionate dialogue, embodiment, mediation/visualization, sound healing, breath work, herbal/plant medicine, energy healing, womb clearing, song, shamanic journeying, chakra balancing and more. Soul Sessions take place in person and will vary in duration depending on which processes we are moving through and what tools we are co-creating with. It would be a true honor for me to craft a session for you using modern techniques, imbued with ancient traditions and tailored to your needs. Everything you need to know is inside yourself and I would love to help you allow that wisdom to arise from within as you explore that path of the soul on its journey of remembering. . I will tailor your session to YOU! It can be a couple of hours, a whole day or even an overnight personal retreat!

greater liberation? deeper peace? increased harmony? resolution for a particular issue? 

more joy?  heart healing?  expansion in truth of who you are?  to be seen, held and loved? 


Are you seeking;

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"I am in gratitude towards the medicine path. It was an honor to work with Brooke as a guide recently in my healing journey. Through her careful consideration and guidance I was able to access some pain points and be vulnerable and allow healing into my sphere of being. Brooke guided me to look at the origin of some wounds within my heart space. She used cacao, rose essence, and song as her tools as well as interpersonal communication. I felt very safe and comfortable with Brooke as a guide. She is a wonderful teacher and shares from her heart, her song and work. Brooke led me on a journey with my guides to go deep into a place of chrysalis and to wake up with my wings spread out again after our session. I shed and allowed feelings and memories which have enabled me to find strength in my journey forward. I am grateful to her for this sacred work she offers."


Love ,

Eko Aurora, Charlotte, NC

Interested in a Soul Session?

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