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Jan 21-Feb 20
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Artwork: BodhcittaArt

I would love for you to join me in this deep immersion of awakening your heart through the spirit of the Rose. This journey will begin on January 21st, the first new moon of the year and will complete at the end of the moon cycle on February 19th.  Inspired by shamanic plant medicine traditions, this exploration has been crafted as a profound portal for healing that offers an initiation onto the path of the Rose. The path of the Rose is a path of living in prayer, remembrance, compassion and beauty.  Rooted in the essence of love, it is a call to open your heart, resurrect the deep feminine, restore personal sovereignty and reconnect to your innate Divinity within. 

The ancient practice of ingesting a plant or parts of a plant for spiritual transformation, teachings and both physical and emotional healings can be traced back worldwide to many indigenous rituals and rites throughout time. Plant diets in the Peruvian Amazon tradition, the one I have been studying and practicing, are done in total isolation, stripping oneself of most thing that are familiar, comfortable and bring instant gratification in order to turn inward and commune with the spirit of the plant. In our month long Rose attunement, each participant gets to decide how strict the initiation will be.  There will be minimum requirements to adhere to regarding certain dietary guidelines, reducing external stimuli and committing to a daily practice whilst continuing to carry out major daily tasks such as work and family responsibilities. There will be guideline options for those wishing to be more strict in order to attune even more profoundly. The depth of the journey is entirely up to the individual as the plants will bring us as deep as we are committed to opening. This is Mother Earth's teaching, sacred reciprocity. The more we sacrifice and show up, the more the spirit of the plant will penetrate us and reward us with profound healing.

At the vibrational frequency of 320Hz,

Rose vibrates higher than any other flower!!



Since ancient times, Rose has been depicted, revered and loved in nearly every culture and tradition. Over the course of four weeks, we will journey together to meet the spirit of the Rose. Following the cycles of the nature, we start by planting seeds of intention with the new moon and will endeavor to connect with Rose medicine throughout by ingesting rose tea, rose essences or essential oils, taking rose baths, sleeping with rose petals under the pillow, and more. We will meet weekly for transmissions and sharing with our intimate group. The calls will be recored if unable to attend live, although it is highly recommended for the greatest benefits. Each week participants will also receive, via email, recommended practices, rituals, mediations, songs, journal prompts and more to help open channels and and create pristine space for the blossoming Self to unfold in. These tools are all optional, and will most certainly help to facilitate communion, or coming into union, with the sacred, Divine, Rose. This is a truly a beautiful opportunity to merge with the frequency of this very powerful plant teacher and receive all the wisdom, healings and magic she is ready to bestow upon you! 


Jan 21st 4pm Opening Circle via Zoom 

January 29th 4pm Zoom

Feb 5th 6pm Zoom

Feb 13th 6pm Zoom

Feb 20th 7pm Closing Circle via Zoom

*all times are EST

Guidelines/Commitments during this time:

🌹 imbibe rose daily via tea, infusion, etc

🌹 daily prayer/devotion/mediation (at least 30 mins) dedicated to Rose 

🌹 at least 4 times a week, get in nature, even if it is a walk on your lunch break or relaxing on your plant filled porch in the rain. 

🌹 at least 4 times a week, move your body - yoga, dancing, tai chi, qigong, walking, etc

🌹 limit that which is lower vibration (social media, books, movies, people, circumstances, thoughts etc)

🌹 consciously dedicate more time for creating - arts, crafts, writing, singing, etc. dedicated time for nurturing your soul!

🌹 refrain from alcohol, cannabis and all other substances

🌹 refrain from sex including masturbation

🌹 no pork, caffeine, refined sugars, heavy oils and processed foods in general


At its heart, a plant attunement is a journey of

reconnecting to oneself and to the living world.

It is the holy work of remembering one's true nature.



Space is limited. Part of the magic of this Rose initiation is that it will be a shared journey. There is profound medicine that comes when people gather intentionally in reverence and prayer, even in the virtual space. The effects deepen when each individual has the opportunity to contribute to the power of the mutual expedition. If you are feeling the call to join this Rose attunement, register now!

If you need a payment plan or have any questions, email me! 












Participants will be sent two gifts made with love ~

Rose Water Spray & Rose Bath Salts

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