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celebrating and empowering women

A two day online event

hosted by Sacred Healing Paths

Calling remarkable women! 


Are you passionate about sharing your expertise and empowering others? 

Are you interested in an opportunity for greater exposure to a broad audience in order to foster potential client connections?

Would you like to be a part of a 2-day online expo, where women from diverse backgrounds come together to inspire, educate, and uplift participants in their respective fields?


March is women's history month and Sacred Healing Paths is excited to celebrate by hosting a 2 day online event for women, by women. We are looking for diverse presenters in various fields to create an engaging workshop that will give participants practical take aways for wellness, healing, empowerment and/or enhancing personal growth. Through this showcase, we hope to cultivate a sense of community and shared exploration among like minded ladies! This will be a wonderful platform for you to present your expertise and network as you will be exposed to a large virtual audience AND an opportunity to generate income by having potential participants sign up for the event. As a presenter you will also gain access to the entire event and receive all of the other amazing women's wisdom. 

When is this?  Friday March 8th (International Women's Day) and Saturday March 9th 2024

What will I be expected to create?  You will present a 50 minute rich and comprehensive experience via Zoom with the intent of giving the participants something practical and transformative to take away with them. It can be solely verbal discourse or you may have visual aids/slides as well. In addition to giving attendees a takeaway, you can promote a product, service or event of yours.

How will I be compensatedEach presenter will receive $50 from Sacred Healing Paths. In addition, you will be given a unique link to promote yourself and the entire event. The 2 day celebration will cost $111 and for each person that signs up with your link, you will receive an additional $50. Not only is this an incredible opportunity to gain new clients, you can also make great money when women sign up through you. If 10 people register with your link, you will receive $550 for a 50 minute presentation, not bad! 

Who is this right for?  We would love to have a colorful variety of presenters and offerings. We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, so if you are aiming for more in person clients, being local is ideal. If your offerings are online or you are promoting a product, you can do so from anywhere! 


Subject category and presentation ideas:

Astrology, Energy Healing, Wellness, Meditation, Herbalism, Financial Literacy/Wealth Building, Intuitive Development, Holistic Beauty/Self Care, Sacred Feminine Empowerment, Conscious Parenting, Online Branding/Marketing, Balancing Family and Work Life, Ayurveda, Mental Health, Nutrition, Finding Your Passion and MORE!

This sounds great, how do I get in? If you are a woman with a unique skill, perspective, product or expertise to share, we'd love to hear from you! Fill out the application HERE. Submission deadline 12/10/2023. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to



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