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celebrating and empowering women

A two day online event

hosted by Sacred Healing Paths

Every woman has the power to illuminate
the world with her unique brilliance!

We invite you to join us in celebration of International Women's Day. SheShines! is a transformative 2-day day online event designed exclusively for women, by women. During this gathering, a diverse group of wise and inspiring women will lead workshops on various topics tailored to uplift, support and honor the strength, resilience and brilliance that define the essence of womanhood. This is a coming together of like minded souls committed to guiding women who are ready to embark on a journey of connection and self-discovery. Participants will gain insights and tools for growth, healing and unlocking their full potential in order to bring forth their own gifts and medicines into the world. Each offering throughout SheShines! aims to be a catalyst for positive change - a testament to the boundless possibilities when women come together in order to empower one another.  Whether you are seeking guidance on navigating life's challenges, discovering your inner strength, or simply desiring some encouragement for living your best life, SheShines! will offer many incredible options for you. This intentionally curated event has been designed to empower all women to shine brightly in every aspect of their lives. 








Celebrating International Women's Day
March 8th & 9th

Plus two bonus workshops

on March 10th!


The Glory of Rebirth with Dr. Liz Dobbins

In this workshop, Dr. Liz will share wisdom regarding the metamorphosis women will go through when Spirit calls. It is sacred calling when Rebirth enters a woman's life. Participants will leave inspired, trusting, and eager to go through their own sacred journey in order to fulfill more of their soul's purpose.


Dr. Liz Dobbins resides in Arizona and is is a lively, entertaining, magnetic presenter who ignites female audiences to actualize their potential. She inspires women to trust in themselves, find their inner creatrix, and use their emotions to catapult their lives into the extraordinary. By getting women connected with their innate feminine genius, they claim new ways of experiencing life that deliver more joy, optimism, and enthusiasm. She has facilitated thousands of healing sessions, hosted countless workshops, and spoke at numerous events. I’ve shepherded countless women through personal metamorphosis within my retreats, groups, and public speaking events. "Nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing women awaken to their glory."

Find her here: website FB liz.dobbins,

FB drlizdobbins, IG @theholywild

PIVOTT Your Life with Dominique Velasquez

Pivvot Your Life is a  A 6-Step framework to discover that EVERYTHING you need is right inside of  You! 

Present - We begin by creating a practice to bring you back to the present. The present is a gift and the only time that you can create change. If you are not living in the present you are living regretting the past or worrying about the future which is exhausting and keeps you feeling stuck.

Identity- take a deep dive into how the subconscious mind works, and identify where your beliefs came from and how this created your ego.  Release your false identity and  awaken to who you are .  You must first awaken to who you are not, to awaken to who you are.

Vision- Uncover what it is that you truly want.  How can you get something if you don’t know what it is? Stop focusing on what you don’t want. Deep dive into what you truly want and embody the version of yourself that will get you everything you desire. 

Own It - You will discover how powerful you are by taking radical responsibility for all parts of your life.  You will discover how life is happening for you and not to you. You get to take ownership for where you are in your life by choosing to live at Cause vs Effect.

Truth -Discover the truth of who you are, the Healer, Creator and Divinity in form. You are so Powerful!

Trust -  BEcome so connected with your higher power and self trust in order to take inspired action to CREATE the life that you Desire!

Dominique Velasquez resides is New Mexico and is a proud survivor of opiate addiction. She previously believed that her worth came from external validation until she discovered that she was truly the creator of her life. Her purpose is to guide women in discovering that everything they need is inside them. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental and Emotional Release and the host of the Unique PIVOTT podcast. Find her here: IG @uniquepivott , FB UniquePivott, Tiktok @uniquepivott

aCO8A2097dominique copy.jpg

What you Want Matters with Angela Devani

Step out of the denial that’s happening in your life and know that what you want matters! Your hopes and dreams may have been put on hold while you raised your family, went to school or built your career, but they don’t have to live in the basement of desire for the rest of your life. Angela shares the how’s, what’s and why’s of setting yourself free from the hum drum or “comfortable” life you may be living to connecting to the dreams that you’ve been repressing for years. My hope, from this presentation, is that participants leave with the courage and the motivation to start living the life they have always wanted but were afraid to pursue.


After leaving a successful corporate career and starting a family, Angela Devani noticed that her life revolved around her family and she lost her sense of identity. She spent over 10 years putting herself last before beginning a journey of self-discovery that would take her through healing years of emotional and financial abuse, health issues and ending in an awakening that would result in a very painful divorce. Angela is now an energy healing practitioner and creator of Elemental Magick, a movement to empower you to bring more magic into your life. Learning herbalism, Reiki and the Akashic Records completely changed her life and prompted her to help others reclaim their power and reconnect with their dreams. Residing in Montana, Angela channels her inner Medicine Woman to help other women connect to the powerful pillars of strength and wisdom that is within each of us to create a Woman-Centered community that is changing the world....One Woman at a Time. Find her here: website FB angeladevani1111  IG @angeladevani1111 TikTok @angeladevani

Learn to Receive Joyfully with Lauren Yannarella

I know what it’s like to feel that it’s my duty as a woman, a mother, a wife and a friend to give until I can't give anymore. This led to me feeling resentful, depleted and burnt out. When I learned to embrace my cosmic duty to receive, I became happier, more connected, and found that I was able to give more freely and joyfully than ever before. Join me as we examine the cultural conditioning that has taught us it is better to give than receive and and nourish your own capacity  Together, let’s unlock the magic and joy that comes from embracing this shift, benefitting ourselves and all those we encounter.

Lauren Yannarella resides in North Carolina and is a dedicated Transformational Healing Coach. She is committed to guiding women on their journey towards holistic well-being and profound transformation. With a fifteen-year background in nursing and a passion for empowering others, she merges her clinical experience with the art of coaching to help support a unique and transformative experience. "I believe that true healing goes beyond the physical body and encompasses the mind, heart, and soul." She nourishes her own health through hiking, yoga, live music, and the love she shares with her friends, husband, daughter, and cats. Find her here:

website FB lauren.yannarella.9

IG @thegoldenpathcoaching TikTok  @thegoldenpathcoaching

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Tools for Writing About Trauma and Loss with B. Elizabeth Beck

This generative writing workshop will provide invaluable tools and skills to use while writing about vulnerable subjects. Your trauma won't be healed in an hour, but Elizabeth will share important and helpful devices and methods to use while writing. Participants will explore different approaches and generate writing together. This workshop will empower women and instill a sense of confidence as they move forward in their healing journeys.


B. Elizabeth Beck is a poet who writes fiction. Her fifth collection of poems will be published in 2024. Her debut collection of short stories will also publish in 2024. She is the author of the Summer Tour Trilogy. Currently residing in Kentucky, Elizabeth has 25 years experience as an educator and is an expert in trauma informed care.

Find her here: FB

BElizabethBeckBooksandArt IG @elizabeth__beck

Fyre Within: Ignite Your Power, Heal Your Essence with "Big Mama" Diana Rose

During this transformative workshop, we will delve into the alchemy of self-love, self-pleasure, and the reclamation of feminine divine power. "Fyre Within" is crafted for those seeking to heal from trauma while breaking free from the chains of patriarchal, religious, and societal norms. Join us on a profound journey of self discovery and empowerment as we explore the equation of Self-Worth, Self-Love, and Self-Pleasure leading to Orgasmic Sovereignty. This workshop is a sacred space to alchemize your feminine divine power and unleash the transformative, orgasmic Fyre Within!

Diana Rose, based in New York, is affectionately known as "Big Mama" and boasts a 30-year career in business and education. As a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coaching Federation for 15 years, she specializes in Trauma Informed Coaching, Sexology Coaching, Wellness Practices, and Social Justice Activism. Big Mama is also a poet, a member of the International Yoga Alliance, takes pride in her ancestral ties to Curanderismo (Shamanism) and utilizes her intuitive abilities to guide others on their healing journey. Her mission is to create a space of love where individuals can overcome obstacles and embrace their significance.

Find her here: IG @dianarosewellness

FB dianarosewellness TikTok @diana.rose608


Self-Empowerment Through Photos with Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir®

Critsey champions body positivity, emphasizing that all bodies are beautiful. In this workshop, participants will learn the technicalities of capturing stunning self-portraits while embracing their unique beauty, posing techniques, and creating an empowering narrative through self-portraiture. Discover the joy of celebrating yourself through the lens and unlock the power of self-expression with Critsey Rowe. 


Critsey Rowe, residing in North Carolina, is a trailblazing force in the world of boudoir photography, renowned for her artistic vision and empowering approach. As the founder of Couture Boudoir®, she has redefined intimate portraiture, celebrating the beauty and confidence of individuals through her lens. With an innate ability to create a comfortable and safe environment, Critsey captures raw, authentic moments that transcend traditional photography. Find her at and IG @coutureboudoir.

Intentional Intuitive Parenting with Megan Reuwer

This workshop will be a deep dive into how and why to trust yourself as a parent. Your unique style, experiences and viewpoints are crucial for your beautiful humans. Through curiosity, self awareness and self love, we will grow and inspire one another to become present, empowering parents. This workshop will be practical, engaging and encouraging no matter what stage of the journey of parenting you are in. There is always the mix of our internal world/ judgements as parents and how we actually are present as parents. We will encourage one another to feel fulfilled and confident in our relationships with our children. This is a judgement free space to find newness, trust in yourself and deepen the relationship with your humans!

Megan, residing in Arizona, is an author, public speaker, life coach, authenticity enthusiast, wife, and momma of 4. She has multiple children who live with special needs, and she always finds ways to weave love, joy, and connection into this world. Her passions include health and wellness, nature, travel, date nights, great food, and supporting women as they grow in their power and influence. Most importantly, Megan values faith, family, community and connection. "My children have taught me through their challenges, limitations, love, and encouragement to dream and keep growing. Two of our children live with spina bifida and all of them are highly sensitive to life. My husband is my Superman who pushes me to dream and move forward in making those dreams our reality." 

Find her here: meganrosecoaching.comFB mreuwer IG @meganrosecoaching 


Hot Mess to Success with Taraleigh Weathers

Join Taraleigh on a wild ride learning how to embrace chaos and turn it into something extraordinary! During this workshop we will explore: Embracing Imperfection: Learn how to find strength in your perceived "hot mess" moments and turn them into opportunities for growth and success. Purposeful Living: Explore the keys to discovering your purpose, passion, and direction in life, even when it seems like chaos reigns. Authentic Connection: Understand the importance of building genuine connections with yourself and others, fostering a sense of community and support. Empowerment Strategies: Gain practical strategies to empower yourself in various aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavors. Get ready for a deep, meaningful journey that goes beyond the surface, leaving you with insights and tools to embrace your journey and thrive authentically!


Taraleigh, aka the hip-hop sensation Hot Tea, is bringing the raw, unfiltered vibes from Burlington, VT. 

Once a Phish correspondent for the news and a cheerleader for the NBA, she now navigates teaching yoga and workshops at festivals like Jam Cruise, Hulaween and Gathering of the Vibes. Armed with a dance degree from Arizona State and a health coach certification, Taraleigh is on a mission to make the dance of life a little less overwhelming, as she intimately understands the struggle of finding time to take care of yourself. She is the author of  "How to Rock Your Life," has run The Healthy Hippie magazine and shared the beats of Life is Beautiful Music Festival for the Huffington Post. Now she's rocking stages (and Spotify) with her husband as Hot Tea in her hip-hop band The Middle Ages and  she is here to help fellow badass queens tune into their best selves with easy and fun self-care.

Find her here: IG @rockinglife__ TikTok It'sMeHotTea_ and her website

Healing from a Toxic Relationship with Stephanie McPhail

Have you been in a toxic relationship? Broken up or divorced and feeling lost? If so, you are going to want to attend this workshop. Stephanie McPhail, MS, will share why so many of us get stuck in the cycle of toxic relationships, what can be done when find we find ourselves in one and most importantly, what steps can be taken to fully heal and thrive. Participants will leave feeling ready to create a life in which they are excited to wake up to each day without fear of repeating old patterns in new relationships. 

Stephanie McPhail, M.S. has a Double Masters Degree in Health and Education, a Bachelors in Psychology,  is a certified crisis counselor, certified coach, Reiki practitioner, and toxic relationship recovery expert who specializes in helping  professional women discover who they are after a toxic divorce/breakup so they can rebuild their lives to be happy whether single or in a relationship. Author of  Being Loved Shouldn’t Hurt book and workbook which were both number one new releases, was interviewed on FOX, featured in New York Weekly, hosts a weekly cable show, Kick Unhealthy Relationships to the Curb, on the CORE counsel of Experts for Avaiya University and on the board of a non-profit organization.

She resides in Texas and you can find her here: IG@beinglovedshouldnthurt  FB

Podcast and website

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Slay your Doubts, Seduce your Vision, and Unleash your Wildest Potential with Dana Inouye

This workshop is for the visionaries, the rebellious leaders, and the soulful seekers. What holds you back from fully standing in your power, feeling fully alive, and going after your dreams? Let me count the ways: doubts, fears, disappointments, grief, people pleasing, perfectionism… all the messy stuff life dishes us. But what if those tangled messy feelings that we think are in the way, are in fact THE way? What if the things we think are holding us back are in fact the path forward? What if, when harnessed, our EMOTIONS can become the superpower that empowers us to achieve remarkable success? n this highly energized and interactive experience, Dana will show you how connecting to the power of your emotions and expanding your capacity to FEEL more is the key to your resilience, your courage, your radiance, your joy, and your most glorious creative expression.


Dana Inouye is known for empowering women and teams to ignite their creative energy, to embody their leadership, and to actualize the fullness of their potential. As a Women's Empowerment coach, speaker, host of the ReWild Your Life Podcast, and impassioned leader of the dancing and crying revolution, Dana helps women thrive by harnessing the power of their emotions. She is reverently irreverent, guiding women to their purpose and power in a way that is invariably playful. Dana lovingly pushes boundaries, embraces paradox, shifts paradigms, digs deep, and makes powerful connections. The experiences she facilitates are infused with her infectious energy, unbridled honesty, and dancing. Always, dancing. Dana lives in Portland, OR, "keeping it weird", with her husband and 4 kids. She believes that feeling deeply is at the heart of living fully.

Find her here: website IG @dana_inouye FB danainouye

Setting Boundaries, Protecting Limits: The Heart of Women's Wellness with Elena Vassallo Crossman

This workshop will review the fundamentals of boundary setting in relationship. It will examine the deeply ingrained tendency to get caught up in giving, without being attuned to one's own internal limitations. We will explore using our expansive empathy as a gift and tool, rather than an unconscious condition including, but not limited to, setting energetic boundaries, saying no with love, and finding our wellbeing within, instead of vicariously through the care and wellbeing of others.

Elena has been a psychotherapist for 30 years. Raised from an early age in the model of transformative retreats and always full of spiritual questions her original training took place not only in the field of psychology but in divinity school and a brief stint in priestess school in the woods of Wisconsin. Midlife and its own set of crises including the death of her brother set Elena firmly on a course of dramatic healing and growth. This period grounded her even more firmly on the path of her own spirituality in a way that deeply informed her clinical work and led to the development of Circle.  Her therapeutic approach most centrally involves helping clients understand the way their family-of-origin based patterns of thought and behavior restrict and affect their adult experience.  She collaborates with other healers to facilitate the greatest change for her clients. Residing in Chicago, Elena is now most dedicated to bringing the collective years of her training, work, and experience to facilitating the rapid growth and empowerment of women. You can find her here: website

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All of these incredible workshops and MORE!

Full Lineup and Schedule Coming Soon!


SheShines! Celebration Maven

Brooke Carlson

Having navigated the most challenging two years of her life, Brooke found herself at a juncture seeking renewal and inspiration. The concept of SheShines! was revealed to her in a plant medicine journey. In the depths of this experience, she envisioned a powerful gathering that celebrates the wisdom and strength of distinct women, each shining their unique light in order to uplift and empower other women. Birthed from the crucible of personal adversity, SheShines! has been designed to provide many offerings that resonate deeply with the diverse narratives most women experience and a testament to the transformative power of shared stories, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of women. Brooke resides in North Carolina and has been a yoga teacher for 17 years and leading yoga teacher trainings for the past 7.  She coaches, guides shamanic breathwork practices, leads women's retreats globally and together with her husband, facilitates plant medicine retreats. "I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the remarkable presenters who have stepped forward to be part of SheShines! Each one brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, contributing to the rich tapestry of our collective journey as women." You can find her here:

 We do highly recommend showing up live to receive the most out of the presentations. Attending in real time provides a uniquely enriching opportunity for participants to have a dynamic and interactive experience that surpass the passive nature of recorded content. The reality is that many of us often intend to watch recordings but seldom find the time to revisit them. By participating live, women can seize the moment, actively absorb valuable insights, and capitalize on real-time feedback. The live format will be more engaging and motivating, as participants feel a sense of shared experience and community. In addition, there will be lots of free giveaways only available to those attending live including free sessions with some of the presenters, cash prizes, coveted products and more! However, we understand that life is full and all workshops will be recorded for you to enjoy at your convenience.​​

Earlyshine Price


Less than $10 per workshop!

Regular Price $199 

Save $88!

Through Feb 29th

Online Conferene
Via Zoom
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